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As a South Korean citizen and a 15 year old student myself, I can’t help but feel devastated by the sinking of the Sewol ferry. 

Most of the people on the ferry were high school students, still trapped in the bottom of the ocean. 

It breaks my heart to see the passengers, who are students, teachers, mothers, fathers, family, friends, and even lovers, gone in mere moments.

These students, who left their families on a school field trip, are returning traumatized, physically hurt, and even in body bags. 

Please pray for those who lost their lives due to this tragic incident, and for the families caught in this overwhelming situation, able to do nothing but hope and grieve for their safe return. 

#Pray for South Korea
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On Wednesday April 16th, the MS Sewol, a South Korean ferry was capsized on its way to Jeju Island. This ship was carrying 476 people, many of whom were students from Danwon High School (Ansan City), who were travelling from Incheon to Jeju Island for their holiday trip.
Although the cause of the accident is still unclear, the prosecutor on the case has informed reporters that the third mate was steering the ship on the morning of the accident, one who has had merely six months of experience and had never steered in the area before. It appears that the vessel made an unusually sharp turn that may have caused it to tilt. The tilting of the 6,825-ton vessel in dangerous water conditions occurred rapidly which in turn did not allow the passengers on board to evacuate in time. However, prosecutors are continuing to search for other causes that may have caused the ferry to sink.
Currently, three vessels with cranes are at the accident site to prepare to salvage the ferry, but they will not hoist the ship before getting approval from family members of those still believed inside. The lifting could endanger any possible survivors believed to be on-board and result in further casualties. 
As of right now, 174 people have been rescued, the death toll has reached 59, and 243 people are still missing.
In the meantime let us all keep South Korea in our thoughts.
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havin a crush on someone and not knowing if they like you back


having a crush on someone and knowing they don’t like you back


someone having a crush on you and you don’t like them back


having a mutual friend crush


having a crush on someone who likes you back but “the timing isn’t right”




getting crushed by trafficimage

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And on the third day,
He blazed from the dead

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